Family law is deeply personal and we diligently protect our clients’ privacy. Many clients require that we keep everything regarding our work private including the fact that we have represented them and their identity.  Some clients have generously agreed to provide testimonials regarding our work for them. Here are a few testimonials.

Please note that the testimonials listed below do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

I came across Sefton Family Law after numerous Yelp inquiries and Google searches. After doing a small amount of research I reached out to Sefton and met with Raquel. I was immediately impressed by how attentive she was and how quickly my case was analyzed, understood, and how my needs were swiftly taken into consideration.

Raquel is quick and professional and one who understands divorce law, not just high profiel and costly cases.My divorce could have easily cost a ton and taken years to resolve but Raquel helped ensure me ‘that the only [person] I’d be paying was her.’ And so it was.

With Raquel’s guidance, we negotiated a complete resolution of my case and I never set foot in court or had one interaction with the other legal team or my then spouse. Raquel and her stellar team worked well with my needs, my availability, and communicated quickly and effectively.

My case was not complex but their team was able to cost-effectively manage a difficult situation with excellent communication and stellar results.

Zach P.

Global Marketing Strategist, Major International Tech Company

I have hired many lawyers through my career and am pleased to have had Raquel as my divorce attorney. Raquel is a quick study who does not have to dominate the conversation in order to be effective. My divorce could have easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and taken years to resolve. Raquel helped me ensure that was not the case. With Raquel’s advice, we negotiated a complete resolution of my case and I never set foot in court. Raquel’s team understood my complex business and financial situation as well as some knotty trust and estates issues. Her inter-personal smarts were key to effective negotiations. Raquel knew the players and knows the law. Her team worked well with my staff, tax professionals, and my corporate attorneys. My divorce constituted a major financial transaction that Raquel oversaw with ease. I greatly appreciate Raquel’s responsiveness and professionalism.

Henry B.

Real estate developer and private business owner

Raquel was my divorce attorney and was recommended to me by a friend who is in the same line of business that had done a lot of research on divorce lawyers. My case could have been extremely complicated, costly, and drug on for years. Raquel clearly laid out all of the options, different paths that I could take, and the pros and cons of each option. I chose the mediation route and Raquel recommended a mediator that she thought would understand my situation. Raquel provided sound advice during the mediation process including talking points and negotiating techniques. The result was that my case never went to court and the settlement agreed upon was the best that I could have ever hoped for. Raquel and her team understood my complex business situation and helped to guide the outcome to the one that was most beneficial for me. She helped to guide me through the emotional ups and downs of the divorce process and a settlement was reached quickly. I appreciated the responsiveness and professionalism of Raquel and her entire team and would strongly recommend her and her team.

Jeanie D.

Managing Director, Healthcare Technology Venture Capital Firm

The professionalism, responsiveness, and smarts of Raquel’s team cannot be compared. As a business owner, I’ve worked with many attorneys. Raquel’s team provided services on par with the most prestigious law firms. She helped me determine when I needed to press for my rights and when to negotiate a resolution. Her empathy and ability to put my children’s needs first are impressive as are her strategic skills and ability to negotiate. She easily understood some of the more complicated aspects of my business and my assets. She assembled a team of professionals that expertly represented my interests. Her team provided me the highest level of professional and personal advice through my divorce. I recommend Raquel and her team without qualification.

Doug Woods

Founder and President of DPR Construction, a large, national, privately-held construction company headquartered in the Bay Area

I am a client of Raquel’s and am enormously pleased with the work she did on my separation agreement. After interviewing four of the top martial lawyers in California, I chose Raquel for many reasons: (1) Her financial expertise is superior to most attorneys and consequently of tremendous benefit as she guided me through the myriad complications of my finances; (2) her solid counsel on how best to enter litigation with the least amount of emotion and most smarts was invaluable; and, (3) her candid plan on best strategies and tactics to apply during negotiation was flawless. All said, Raquel easily guided me through a time that should have been difficult with efficiency, minimal stress, and at a fair cost. She comes with my highest recommendation to friends and colleagues.

Cinthia Coletti/Haan

CEO, The Coletti Institute for Education and Career Achievement, and Coletti/Haan Foundation for Children

I have both worked with and referred clients to Raquel. I particularly value the breadth of talent that Raquel brings as a legal resource and advocate. Raquel quickly identifies key issues, allowing her to focus clients and teams the key issues that will lead to successful resolutions. Her negotiating skills and temperament are excellent in a variety of situations. Raquel supports and encourages collaborative solutions and avoids needless inflamations. However, she is eminently prepared to act in a measured and forceful fashion when required – an approach I find to be the most effective approach in my years of work in litigation. I am always confident that my friends and associates will be well served when they work with Raquel.

Stefan Adler

Litigation and Information Technology Consultant